Practical technology solutions for businesses and residential clients

MCD Computer Consultants, Inc.     (516) 659.2659

Purchasing and Installing Computers/Laptops/Tablets/Servers 

We review your needs and then provide you with a quote that itemizes your hardware, software and warranty coverage.  You buy only what you need.  We are an authorized computer reseller and purchase directly from major vendors such as Dell, Gateway and Panasonic.  We can even provide Windows XP on new computers!

Security Assessment and Setup

We assess your current protection against viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats and then recommend and implement a solution based on what is missing.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We review your needs and then recommend the type of backup you require, such as data, system, on-site, and offsite.  Based on your requirements we then implement the type you require.

Computer Tuneups and Repairs

We can maximize the performance of your computer by providing a computer Tuneup.  We do this by disabling programs that do not need to start with windows and optimizing windows operation.

Network Installation/Upgrade/Repair

We can install, secure, and upgrade both wired and wireless networks.  We can extend the range of wirless networks based on the physical locations of the network devices and clients.

We can diagnose network problems and repair them.

Custom Programs Designed For Your Business

We review your business needs and then provide you with a proposal that describes what is included in the solution, the time frame and cost for development, installtion, training and warranty.